GOPHERT CPS-3205 CPS-3205II 0-30V Adjustable DC Switching Power Supply 5A 160W SMPS Switchable AC 110V (95V-132V) / 220V


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New GOPHERT CPS-3205 160W (110Vac/ 220Vac) 0-32V/0-5A,Compact Digital Adjustable DC Power Supply CPS3205

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CPS-3205II Product Features

Voltage: 0-32V Current: 0-5A Power: 160W

· Four digits green display for Volt meter and Amp meter

· Resolution of Amp meter is 1mA,Volt meter is 10mV

· Ripple & Noise (peak-peak) less than 10mV

· Zero overshoot (c.v mode and c.c mode),Protect sensitive device

· High efficiency >87%

· Intelligent protection: Output short circuit protection, Tracking Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Tracking Over Current Protection(OCP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

· SMT components: Reflow soldering process, higher reliability


1 x NEW CPS-3205Ⅱ DC Power Supply

1 x AC Power cable(EU/AU/US/UK)

1 x User Manual

1x cable

  • The use of microprocessor (MCU) control, high cost

  • High power density, compact appearance

  • Aluminum housing, very low electromagnetic interference

  • The encoder is used to adjust the voltage and current settings quickly and accurately

  • Four digital voltmeter and three digital ammeter, set and display accurate to two decimal places

  • When the operating current is less than 1A, ammeter automatically displays mA

  • High efficiency and efficiency up to 88%

  • Low ripple noise, peak ripple is less than 30mV

  • Output ON / OFF switch

  • Input operating voltage 220VAC / 110VAC switch

  • Lock button, the output switch button and adjust the lock knob to prevent accidental changes

  • Intelligent protection: Output short-circuit protection, tracking OVP, Tracking OCP, OTP

  • Voltage: 0-32V Current: 0-5A Power: 160W

  • Top performance cost ratio

  • High power density, smallest and compact

  • Aluminum shell, lower EMI

  • The microprocessor(MCU) control

  • Using Encoder to set the voltage and current

  • Four digital volt meter and three digital current meter

  • The current meter displays mA automatically when current belows 1A

  • High efficiency, up to 88%

  • Low Ripple & Noise: <= 30 mVp-p

  • Output ON/OFF

  • Watt switch

  • Intelligent protection: Tracking OVP, Tracking OCP, OTP, Output short circuit protection


1 x CPS-3205 DC Power Supply

1 x AC Power cable(EU/AU/US/UK)

1 x User Manual

2x Cable

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Operation Voltage Range

95-132Vac OR

198 – 264Vac

Operation Frequency Range

45 – 65HZ

Output Voltage Range

0 – 32V

Output Current Range

0 – 5A

Efficiency (220Vac/full load)

≥ 87%

Full Load Input Current(220Vac)


No Load Input Current(220Vac)

≤ 80mA

Volt Meter Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 1 digits

Current Meter Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 2 digit

Constant Voltage

Load Regulation (0-100%)

≤ 30mV

Line Regulation(198-264Vac)

≤ 10mV

Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak)

≤ 30mV

Ripple & Noise (r.m.s)

≤ 3mV

Set Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 10mV

Transient Response Time (50%-100% rated Load)

≤ 1.0ms

Constant Current

Load Regulation(90%-10% Rated Voltage)

≤ 50mA

Line Regulation (198-264Vac)

≤ 20mA

Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak)

≤ 30mAp-p

Set Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 20mA

Size(width× height× depth)


Net Weight


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