New car radar-detectors with gps database update v7 Russian voice alert Karadar anti laser radar detector LED display


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New car radar-detectors with gps database update v7 Russian voice alert Karadar anti laser radar detector LED display



GPS Combined Radar Detector G-700STR Anti Radar Car Radar Detector Laser Radar Detector Voice Strelka Car-Detector Russian
Preloaded Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia GPS DB Data

Motherboard with GPS Module Photo

All Packing Accessorries

Radar Detector with GPS Database
Working in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia

Operation Button and Car Charger DC Port

DATA port is for USB to connect with Computer to update Radar Detector

User manual in Russian

The G-700STR integrates a GPS module that is responsible for locating the coordinates of the police radar that was previously installed in the GPS base.

The G-700STR radar detector is equipped with a separate detecting module of the police radar "Arrow", which operates in the range of K (24.150 GHz). The G-700STR will help detect the Arrow in all weather conditions and regardless of the elements of the terrain.

Mobile ambush DPS
(Binar, Golden Eagle, Vizier, Iskra, Radis)
Increasingly, DPS officers use mobile radars to detect vehicle speed. But still, the G-700STR confidently recognizes the device data at a distance of 800-1000 meters, depending on the location of the terrain.

Low-power radars (Robot, Arena, Golden Eagle, etc.)
The G-700STR is configured to detect "weak" signals received from low-power police radar. The antenna of the radar detector is more sensitive to incoming signals, which also positively affects the detection of radar at a large distance

The video monitoring system "Avtodoriya"
The G-700STR is configured to detect the most up-to-date cameras of the "AVTODORIA" system, which, with the help of a video block and optical recognition technology of the state number, control the average speed of a car on a road section from 500 m to 10 km.
The G-700STR will warn the driver about such cameras and will inform about exceeding the permitted speed on the road section.

Karadar mode
In addition to the traditional "City" and "Route" modes, the G-700STR implements the automatic Karadar mode, which changes the sensitivity of radar detection depending on the speed of the car. Karadar mode
Karadar specialists developed to optimize the alert modes and will not attract the attention of the driver unnecessary signals. from 1 to 40 km / h
- notification only in the display; from 41 to 70 km / h - the "City" mode is activated (reduced sensitivity, decrease in the number of "false"
signals); over 71 km / h - the "Route" mode is switched on (sensitivity of police radar detection is higher).

Our products has test one by one before send out, The quality is warranty, about the radar, we want to let you know some knowledge.

Radar detector is done for a long time, all aspects of technology are more mature. As we all know, South Korea\'s radar technology is more mature, our motherboard imported from South Korea, assembly processing, packaging in China. And South Korea\'s technical staff long-term plant, technical support。

Radar is divided into mobile speed and fixed speed,mobile speed:speed camera, X, Strelka, K, Ka, Laser ... Fixed speed:GPS database, when the radar detector drive near the data, it will alarm. The data will be update in 3 month, so 1 year is 4 times, please contact us when you want to update the data, we will send you link to download.

And please understand Radar is not 100% working correct , the general accuracy rate is 90% , our radar detector correct 95%. The alarm distance is between 300m to 800m. Please don\'t stop car near speed camera to waiting alarm. If you think there is a radar detector , you can ignore the traffic rules, and will not get a fine bill, please do not choose our products. Our products is for you When you drive in a not familiar environment ,make you to pay attention to control the speed, to avoid a fine, do a law-abiding citizen, thank you.

The button

Button name Function
1 UP
(1) Volume up (Short Key)
(2) Power On (Short Press)
(3) Power Off(Long Press about 3 second)
(4) Menu Change, mode up key(Settting mode)
(1) Mute On (Short Key)
(2) Mute Off (Short Key)
(3) Menu (Long Key)
=> Speed Setting(Default value is \'0\' Km)
=> Brightness Setting(Default value is \'Bright\')
=> Factory Setting
(4) down key( When Setting Mode)
(1) Volume down(Short Key)
(2) City1/City2/Auto mode/Highway mode
(3) Save & Exit key(When Setting Mode)

When the blue star stopped Blinking , gpe get signal

First time using in one new place, please wait a little more time

Install and Using Display

Use in Car

With Suction Cup

Time showing

Wide: 6.5cm

High: 3cm

Length: 9.4cm

Package front

Package back

Radar Front

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