Goome GM06NW GSM GPS Tracker Locater Built-in Battery For Vehicle Car Motorcycle Micro Locating & Cut Off Oil Power


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GM06NW GSM GPS Tracker for vehicles

By Goome

Product Description

-Compatible with SIM cards for most countries
- Tampering alarms
- Call tracking
- Geo-fence setting
- Remote fuel cut-off
- SMS tracking
- Web-based device management
- Android App and iOS App
- Real-time tracking
- 180-days playback of movement history
- Autosaves up to 500 locations
- OTA upgrade program
- Open API

- GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- Working voltage: DC 9V~36V
- Spare battery:180mAH
- Working temperature: -25℃-60℃
- Working humidity: 5% - 95%
- GPS orientation accuracy(Approx) 5~10 meter
- Cold start-up: <38s
- Hot start-up <15s

Notice :
1. If you purchased the lifetime account version, provide us with your ID number upon receiving the product and we\'ll create a lifetime account for you.
2. The product will not work in the following countries: Japan, South Korea, and North Korea. Before purchasing the product, make sure your country has active 2G networks.
3. The Goome GPS tracker\'s website tracking functions( currently support Russian, English and Chinese language options.
4. Your account number is the 15-digit ID number on your GPS tracker. You can find this underneath it\'ss barcode. The passwords is the last 6 digits of the ID number.
5. If you have more than one Goome GPS tracker, can contact us and we will create an account for you.
6. The tracker uses around 30 M internet data per month at 10 hours of usage time per day.

Are you worried about....?

Inaccurate GPS positioning?
Auto theft?
Car rental management?
Logistics vehicles outside of your company boundaries?
Friends borrowing your car?


GPS tracker for vehicles

Real-time tracking

Tracking your vehicle in real-time, including its location, speed, stopping time.

180-day location history playback

Track driving habits over a 180-day period to help improve fuel consumption and other driving habits

Geo-fence safety boundaries

Set boundaries for your automobile and receive alerts when they are crossed

4. Tampering alarm

Built-in lithium battery sends an alarm to your phone if power to the device is cut due to tampering

Fuel/power cut-off

Cut off fuel or power remotely to prevent theft

Speeding alarm

Receive an alarm reminder when your vehicle exceeds the speed limit

Remote voice monitoring

Install a microphone in your vehicle and listen-in remotely

Can be used with a variety of vehicles

Works with cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, SUVs

How to make service queries

1.Online query:

Supports English and Russian.
Demo account: fredtest
Password: goome123

2. Mobile queries: download our app
A. Search goome-gps in your app store
B. Search caronline, or scan our QR code
C. SMS command queries are also supported

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