TROS Potent Booster 38*8mm Touch-sensitive throttle CT-988 case for BMW Mini series Hyundai Genesis Coupe Genesis Equus etc

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Potent Booster 7th 7-Driver Electronic 38*8mm Touch-sensitive throttle Controller, Comfortable / Sports / Racing, Dedicated CT-988 case for B.MW, M.ini series, H.yundai Genesis Coupe, Genesis, Equus etc ., free shipping!

Note: Please note your car make and manufacturered year when placing the order!

Search for stimulation, using the speed of light, the perfect driving experience passion!

I. Product Details

II. Touch screen features:

38*8mm LED touch-sensitive design, pattern transform simple, one touch OK!

Using high-end black mirror panels, LED backlit touch screen;

With a stylish brushed metal material, corners using grinding hypotenuse, more grades;

Simple and compact, stylish, to bring you the passion is not the same experience!

Color: Red, silver, brown, gold! (Not specified, the random delivery!)

III. Product Function:

Improve throttle response speed;

Improve the electronic throttle sensitivity;

Lift the vehicle explosive moment;

Improving avoid engine deposits;

Improve throttle hysteresis.

IV. Seven kinds of modes

1. Comfortable mode

Yellow comfortable mode: to speed up the throttle repose speed. Start faster, accelerating fluid!

2. Sport mode

Blue sport mode: Improve instant acceleration,Improve cornering performance, Get the best speed effect!

3. Racing mode:

Red racing model: Availability of superior acceleration performance, is the feeling of the car into the track!

4. Fuel-Efficient

Green Fuel economy model: Get the best fuel economy, acceleration is more stable, suitable for people who like mild driver!

5.Original mode:

White Original car mode: Effect is equivalent to restore the original car control mode!

6. Manual transmission (MT) mode:

Red manual transmission (MT) model: In any model, press and hold the touch screen, will flash red, this is Manual transmission (MT) mode!

7.Automatic transmission (AT) mode

In any model, press and hold the touch screen, will flash green, this is Automatic transmission (AT) mode!

IV. Installation steps

1 Find the original electronic throttle pedal of your car

2 When automobile is stalled and start key is off, pluck the port of electronic throttle pedal

3 Insert electronic throttle coupler into auto line port.

.Insert electronic coupler into the groove of throttle pedal and check to see whether it gets stuck in position

4 Insert electronic throttle coupler and display adjuster into each other in position.

5 Then fix display controller with self-attached glue to the central control position or any position you like.finished

V. Working principle

1. Electronic Throttle and Fly-by-wire Throttle
Along with rapid development of auto industry, auto manufacturers in America,

Germany, Japan and other countries successively adopted electronic throttle control

system early in 1990s. Electronic throttle control system mainly consists of throttle

pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus wire, servo

motor and choker executing mechanism. Electronic throttle is generally adopted in

fairly new models. Electronic throttle is named in comparison with fly-by-wire throttle

which features direct connection between throttle pedal and choker with thin steel

wire. The treading depth of throttle pedal directly corresponds to the opening width

of choker. Electronic throttle is free of wire. Treading depth of throttle will be converted

into resistance value after a potentiometer (with variable resistance) is mounted in

pedal. Electronic system of automobile indirectly determines the depth of pedal through

sampling of resistance value. Finally, ECU will activate stepping motor to control the

opening width of choker. It can be easily found through principle comparison that fly-

by-wire throttle features simple system and direct control, with the proportion of the

opening width of throttle and choker being 1:1. Characteristics of electronic throttle

are as follows: throttle pedal only indicates driver’s operating intention, while the

final right to control choker belongs to ECU.

2. Characteristics of Electronic Throttle Control System and ECU(ECU)
In models with electronic throttle control system, ECU will analyze the treading depth

of throttle in combination with auto conditions when controlling electronic choker, and

then calculate appropriate opening width of choker at the current time. When diver

speeds up suddenly at the time of startup (tread the pedal to the utmost), ECU will

perform analysis according to the current auto speed, opening width of choker and

other factors, appropriately restrict the opening width of choker from the perspective

of fuel saving and reasonable exhaust emission, and control fuel spray system to

restrict maximum spray of fuel injection nozzle at the same time. In this way, driver

will feel that automobile begins to start after throttle is treaded for a while, which is

the so-called throttle lagging. Therefore, throttle lagging is actually the result of ECU

operation through restricting instant output of engine, which can make automobile

more environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

3. Operating Principle of POTENT BOOSTER
(1) Accelerating choker opening and improving static response
“Acceleration” of POTENT BOOSTER is realized mainly through improving the responding

sensitivity of choker. When ECU finds that driver has the intention for acceleration, it

will activate rapid opening of choker via circuit signals to improve the responding

sensitivity of throttle.
(2) Speeding up throttle signals and improving dynamic response
When accelerator treads on throttle pedal, POTENT BOOSTER will calculate the alteration

rate of throttle signals according to treading depth and time. Alteration rate is in

proportion to accelerating requirements. POTENT BOOSTER will enhance such alteration

rate and finally realize maximum dynamic response of auto acceleration.
(3) Providing false driving style for ECU’s adjustment of engine parameters
ECU of modern engine generally has the capacity of self-adapting driving style. If

driver often treads on throttle quickly to a considerable depth (also known as pulling

speed), ECU will gradually consider that the driver’s style tends to be “violent”. In this

way, engine will slowly adjust choker and fuel spray system, etc. to obtain optimal

adjusting parameters of engine under this style. After POTENT BOOSTER is used for a

long time, even if the driver drives the car with previous “mile” driving style, engine

will still acquire experience of “violent” driving, which is equivalent to the adjustment

of ECU parameters. At the long last, engine will automatically amend its parameters

to adapt to such driving style.

VI. Certification

VII. Part-specific models (There are nearly 200 models dedicated interface)

CT-100 Land.Rover Freelander 2 (2006 -), Range.Rover Aurora (EVOQUE 2011-2013)

CT-105 Land.Rover Discovery 4 (2010-), Range.Rover (2013-), Range.Rover Sport (2010-2014), Range.Rover Aurora (EVOQUE 2014 -), J.aguar XF, XJ 2012

CT-107 M.itsubishi Galant

CT-151 V.olkswagen Jetta, Bora, Golf 4th , Polo, Passat B5, Passat, Sunny, Octavia, Fabia, Octavia (import), Jing Rui, Santana 3000, Santana,Beetle, Phaeton; A.UDI old TT, A1, A4, A6, A8 , S8 Q7,.

CT-151L V.olkswagen Santana Zhijun, Santana, Touareg, A8, Phaeton 2012 (+ connector)

CT-201 V.olkswagen Golf 5th, Golf 6th, Golf GTI, new Passat B6, Sagitar, Magotan, Touran, Octavia(domestic), Caddy, Tiguan, CC, Scirocco, R36, new Phaeton, new Santana, new Beetle, Jetta 2013, Polo 2014-15; A.UDI new A4L, new TT, new A6L (round mouth), Q5, A5, R8, S5, A7, A3; SEAT LEON, P.orsche BOXSTER, C.ayman, 911, P.anamera

CT-201L C.adillac ATS (+ connector), VW Golf 7 (+ connector)

CT-221 B.uick E.xcelle 2013-15

CT-252 VW Polaris diesel version 1.9T

CT-302 Haifuxing III, Explorer III, Magic speed S2, Magic speed S3

CT-310 C.hevrolet new Sail 1.2 2010

CT-350 S.ubaru old Legacy / Outback 2004~07

CT-358 S.ubaru Impreza, Forester, new Legacy / Outback 2006~ON

CT-501 C.hrysler Old 300C

CT-510 C.ADILLAC SRX, BLS 2005-2009, Cruze, HHR 2006+, new Regal, LaCrosse, Hideo, Malibu, GL8, boulevard, H.ummer H3, O.PEL VAUXHALL ASTRA 2000~ON. N.ISSAN old Teana.

CT-510L C.adillac XTS (+ connector) L.utesi EVORA (+ connector)

CT-515 L.otus Series

CT-516 2010 new Sail 1.4

CT-518 D.odge JCUV, Caliber; M.ITSUBISHI ASX 2009-, LANCER 2008-, OUTLANDER 2007-, EVO X 2008-; .J.EEP COMPASS 2007-, PATRIOT 2007-, CHEROKEE KJ 2002-2007; Zotye Z300, T600

CT-520 C.hevrolet AVEO, TRAX, B.uick Encore

CT-520L C.adillac ATS (+ connector)

CT-567 T.OYOTA Series: HILUX 2006-, Reiz MARK X 2006-2009, Prado 2005-2009, FORTUNER 2006-, INNOVA 2006-, Crown, FJ CRUISER, Prius, L.EXUS IS300, GS300, GS350 06, GX 2003-2005, RX 2004-2009

CT-601 S.uzuki SX4, Vitra, Liana

CT-603 K.IA K5, Sportage, K7, H.yundai New Santa Fe (2.7), IX35, TUSCON, Veracruz, Azera

CT-606 F.ord new Fiesta, M.azda 2, M.azda 8, CX-7

CT-609 S.uzuki Kai Zexi, M.ITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT 2007-, MONTERO 2007-, TRITON 2005-, L200 2005-

CT-621 H.ummer H2

CT-622 M.azda CX-5, M.azda 3 ALEXA, 6 Atenza (+ connector)

CT-688 H.yundai new Santa Fe (2.4), new Sorento, Veloster, AVANTE, overseas Elantra 1.8, K.ia CDDE

CT-688L H.yundai Sonata eight generations (+ connector)

CT-708 H.ONDA C.IVIC 2006-, C.RV 2007-, C.ROSSROAD 2007-, STREAM 2007-, A.CCORD 2008-,S.pirior, new O.dyssey, C.rosstour, A.cura TL, RL, MDX

CT-709 H.ONDA F.IT 2007-13, CITY 2008-14, Elysion, CRIDER 2013-15, JEDA 2013-14, CR-Z, new A.cura ZDX, ILX, RDX (+ connector)

CT-710 2014 NEW C.IVIC

CT-711 A.ccord 9th, XR-V 2015, C.R-V 2012-13 , 2014, O.dyssey 2015, S.pirior 2015, VEZEL (+ connector)

CT-712 C.adillac CTS, SLS, C.hevrolet Camaro, Old B.uick LaCrosse, GL8

CT-715 F.ord Raptor F150, E350, F550, new F.ocus, E350, EDGE, Escape, Explorer, M.azda Rui wing, 2011 M.azda 5, 2012 M.azda 6

CT-716 S.sangyong Actyon S.sangyong Actyon 2.3 2014

CT-719 Old I.nfiniti series, N.issan QR2.0,350Z, 370Z

CT-721 H.uatai series, H.yundai Tucson 2007 diesel

CT-722 P.eugeot 206, 307, C2, C3, C4, Senna, old Picasso, P.eugeot 207,206 CC 4-pin

CT-723L L.incoln Navigator

CT-731 P.eugeot new 307, Mouth 307,206, Arc de, the new Picasso, Sega 5-pin

CT-738 P.eugeot 307,308,408,508, C5, New Sega, new Elysee, DS3, DS4, DS5 6-pin

CT-801 N.ISSAN Tiida, Sylphy, Chun-Yi, LiVINA, Ma Chi, R.enault Koleos, new Teana, Qashqai, X-Trail, sunny, Loulan, NV200

CT-802 F.ord Focus, M.azda 3, M.azda 5, M.ondeo, S-MAX Ecosport, V.olvo C30, C70, S60, V40, V60, XC60, XC90, S40, S80L

CT-802L F.ord Escport

CT-805 H.YUNDAI mistra, Overseas H-1, overseas STAREX, K.ia old Sorento, Borrego, speed step, Witkey, VQ-R, K4, Overseas Freddy 2.0 Actyon 2007 C.hevrolet Epica (2010+), MG3, Hainan M.azda Knight, Cupid 1.5, M3, M5

CT-805L H.yundai all new Santa Fe, grid Rui (+ connector)

CT-806 M.AZDA RX8 2004-, MX5 2006-, 6 2006-2007

CT-808 H.yundai Elantra, VERNA, I30 (card position toward the brake), K.ia Shor, K2

CT-815 new M.azda 3, V.olvo V40 2014

CT-823 K.IA K3 H.yundai overseas Elantra 1.6

CT-823L K.ia ROI (+ connector)

CT-830 L.EXUS:LS460 2007- LX570 2008- IS350 2006- IS250 2006- IS220 2006- ES350, GS350 2012,ES240, ES300H, RX270,350,450

T.OYOTA: IQ 2008- VIOS 2006- ESTIMA 2006- BELTA 2006- AXIOS 2006- BLADE 2006- FIELDER 2006- WISH 2010- CAMRY 2006- AVENSIS 2009- COROLLA 2008- COROLLA VERSO 2009- RAV 4 2005- LAND CRUISER 2008- URBAN CRUISER 2009

CT-831 T.oyota Corolla, Camry, ES300, SC430 (round mouth)

CT-832 T.oyota 86

CT-901 J.aguar XF, XJ 2011

CT-911 C.hevrolet Captiva

CT-979 L.and Rover Discovery 3,R.ange Rover 2005--09

CT-980 new A.udi A6L (square port 2.8 displacement)

CT-981L I.nfiniti FX35, FX50, G37, G25, Q50

CT-985 J.EEP COMMANDER 2007- GRAND CHEROKEE 2007-2010 WRANGLER JK 2007- CHEROKEE KK 2008-, M.aserati CEO,C.HRYSLER 300 C 2007- D.ODGE CHALLENGER 2007- NITRO 2007-2011 M.AGNUM 2007-

CT-985L J.EEP Wrangler 2.8 diesel 2015 version, 2015 F.ord Mustang

CT-988 B.MW, M.ini entire department, H.yundai Genesis Coupe, Genesis, Equus

CT-989 M.ercedes-Benz Department

CT-999 New M.ercedes-Benz

Etc. over 200 model!!!

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