TOCT1 2P 25A 220V/230V 50/60HZ Din rail Household ac Modular contactor 2NO 2NC or 1NO 1NC


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This 2P 230V 50/60HZ 2NO, 1NO 1NC, 2NC you can choose

TOCT1 house hold AC contactor is mainly designed for AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuits with 230V . Rated operating voltage in AC-7a usage ,rated operating voltage up to 230V, rated operating current up to 25A, Rated operating voltage in AC-7b usage , rated current to 10A. Using in breaking capacity below 6kA circuit. For distance connect or break the circuit.

Application: for home, apartment, hotel, automatic cut off or connect the power.

Normal working and installation conditions:

1. Ambient temperature:-5°C to +40°C,the average temperature no more than +35°C in 24 hours.

2. Altitude:no more than 2000m.

3. Atmospheric conditions: the relative humidity of the installation place should be no more than 50% when the maximum temperature is +40°C:if under a lower temperature,a higher relative humidity is allowed. The monthly average minimum temperature in the wettest month should not exceed +25°C and the monthly average maximum relative humidity of this month no more than 90%.Besides,the dew on the surface of products caused by temperature change should be taken into consideration.

4. Class of pollution: class 2.

5. Installation condition: class II.

Application instruction

1. Check whether the contactor agrees with the scope of application and the working condition before installation

2. During the process of installing pull down the motion stopping component and put the contactor on the safe orbit then push up the motion-stopping component to fix the contactor on the safe orbit avoid loosening and dropping pull down the motion-stopping component if you want to remove the contactor.


a).Make sure the correct mode of connection

b).Screw down the binding screw during the connection

Main tech data
Contactor model TOCT1-16 2NO TOCT1-20 2NO TOCT1-25 2NO
Rated isolating voltage (Ui) V 500 500 500
Rated operating voltage (Ue) V 230 230 230
Thermal continuous current (Ith) A 16 20 25
Rated working current (Ie) AC-7a A 16 20 25
AC-7b A 9 9 10
Rated working power (Pe) AC-7a kW 4 4 5.4
AC-7b A kW 1.2 1.2 1.4
Operating times 10 thousand 3
Operating frequency AC-7a turns/Hour 1200
AC-7b turns/Hour 30
Connect and break capability AC-7a A 1.5Ie
AC-7b A 8Ie
Withstand current (ICW) 10S A 8Ie/AC-7b
Connecting wiring 1 wire mm2 1--2.5 1--2.5 1--4
2 wire mm2 1--2.5 1--2.5 1--4
Control power voltage (Us) AC V 220/230
Coil power W 1.4

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